A morning walk…


Allotments near our house…

Friends and neighbours —  I’ve got very little news, I must admit, but I want to check in.

The weather has turned from cold, grey, dreary days to bright and sunny days with warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine.  What a difference it makes to my disposition.

I’ve begun a 30 day challenge.  Part of the challenge is to walk every morning and so for the past week I have set out on a walk through our neighbourhood and then some fields beyond.

This morning I walked past an allotment and it was all so lush and promising that I snapped a photo.  Every weekend I notice that the allotment is buzzing with avid gardeners.  (It’s bigger than it looks in the photo.)  Some people have little sitting areas next to their plots where they relax and ponder with a flask of tea after an afternoon of weed pulling and planting.   I know of one family who has a smokehouse on their plot and this morning I heard a rooster crow so now I’m pretty sure some chickens are pecking around back there as well.

It’s early June and the days are long.

How does your garden grow?



7 thoughts on “Green

  1. How could you not want to walk down that inviting pathway. Mark has made me put in a few tomatoes, peppers, and herbs out back. I threw in some flower seeds too. We’ll see how they do in the big city.

    1. Gardening is great when it all comes together. As you know, I’ve been very unsuccessful at growing vegetables due to my lack of skill AND our giant slugs.

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