Sprucing the Place Up A Bit


I was very fortunate to have Di Mackey do a photoshoot for Dragonlane.

Wow.  It was a very fun but very intense afternoon.

Di came in and assessed the light and with her creative eye and attention to detail, was able to deliver beautiful results (as always).  I’m over the moon.

It also helps to have a terrific model.  Thank you, Charlie, for giving  us your time and patience.



5 thoughts on “Sprucing the Place Up A Bit

  1. Hmm. Thought I left a comment, but I’ll try again. Stunning work, Kim! Y’all done good! Very impressed with the whole shebang!

    1. Ahhhh — no. Not my house. It’s my neighbour, Diana’s. I love it too and that’s why I go to her house whenever I need to photograph.

  2. I didn’t know you had written this!! See, I’m not reading blogs – so it serves me right 😦 Anyway, thank you. I’ve shared, and linked to your shop. Love it.

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