When Things Change


Well Darn it All.

My friend, Alan, had to say goodbye to his little dog, Bette, yesterday.  It was a shock because she was young but whether they are young or old, it just sucks.  You can visit his blog and give him and Mark some love.

There are a few changes happening here at our house.  It’s nothing major and most of it is good but as with all changes, it can be stressful and so I walk around with little bit of tightness in my chest and little bit of tension across my brow.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been answering simple questions with a little bit of a shriek and I might blink rapidly at times.

But honestly… it’s OK.

No, really.








5 thoughts on “When Things Change

  1. Oh my dear. I’d love to pull the perfect inspirational phrase out of my pocket for you, but I’ve not found one that works perfectly yet. Transitions are tricky business, and I feel for you. And I also have every faith in your ability to get to the other side of it.

  2. So sorry to hear of Alan’s loss. It’s hard. I tried to easy my dragged-out feeling by cleaning out some “stuff” from my closets. I now have a pile of “stuff” in the hallway. All is the coming and going of life, isn’t it?

  3. Apparently Obama was asked at some event or other if he had a bucket list, and his reply was, “No, but I have a something that rhymes with bucket list list.” Losing a pet often belongs on that something that rhymes with bucket list, I say. Sometimes you just have, to say, Oh, bucket. I will now go visit Alan’s blog.

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