That Was Then



This week AP attended a memorial service for one of his childhood friends.  It prompted him to pull out old photographs and look through his past.  He was in a reflective mood this week and I was pondering this when  I went upstairs and saw a pile of MY old photographs on the desk.

There I was — in the 1980’s — big shoulder pads on my dresses and big permed hair.

Then in the 1990’s — still some permed hair and living in NYC.

Then my unfortunate first marriage and a quick divorce and I was about 30 pounds thinner with VERY short hair.  It was an unintentional divorce diet but I cut all of my hair off and sported a pixie cut for awhile, just to announce a new me I suppose.

But it wasn’t really a new me.  I gained the weight back and my hair grew out again.  I plodded on.

Then there were photos of me holding babies.  They were the children of various friends of mine, all as sweet and cute as a bug’s ear.    The kids are all grown up now and are at university — some are married with kids of their own.  They have all grown into interesting and lovely adults.   ***sob***

Yes.  Time has rushed on.

An old friend used to say to me, “Don’t look back!!”  I hear her voice whenever I think about past mistakes, wrong turns taken, and general youthful foolishness.  And sometimes foolishness that isn’t so youthful.  Don’t look back.

So I put the photos away, stashed in the far corner of the cupboard.  Except I couldn’t resist this one of me, probably aged 5.  Apparently I sported big shoulder pads way back then.

Scan 11




3 thoughts on “That Was Then

  1. I have a Jason Mraz song running through my head (heard while yarn shopping) “Hello You Beautiful Thing”!!! My favorite line is ‘My thoughts are all I’ve got so I try to make them brave.’ And, yes, I had big hair and shoulders, too 😉

  2. Would love to sit around with you and go through our old photos. Ellen S. used to howl at my wedding pics. I’d love if you’d just come and sit with me and say, “Yep, toss that one, toss, toss” over and over until I had a manageable stack that would fit in a cupboard. Meanwhile, you were adorable at 5 and are now.

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