Month End Report



This month found me  newly returned from a lovely eight weeks in Michigan to the aftermath of some major renovations to my house.  I’m still culling and decluttering and, in fact, I am feeling extremely virtuous at the moment because I recycled a whole bag of junk from the kitchen and upstairs office.  I don’t know about you, but getting rid of excess clutter makes me feel buoyant and free — for a few hours, anyway.

I made a commitment to myself that I would work on some new pieces for my shop and that I would promote my business a bit more.  Voilà — new designs and a shop newsletter were debuted this month.  I can’t tell you how much hand-wringing and pestering of friends went into all of that.  Thank you, friends, for your feedback and support.










In other news —

There’s a Beltane festival up in Scotland tonight!!



I just love that photo and I also appreciate the pagan rituals that are so much a part of our history here in the U.K.  Beltane is basically a May Day celebration and tomorrow, in many small towns and villages in the U.K., there will be May Poles and dancing to mark the beginning of spring.

Happy May 1st.

Welcome the sun.

Plant some bee-friendly flowers in your gardens and back yards.



6 thoughts on “Month End Report

  1. Just have to say I love every one of your posts. Always interesting and this one (the decluttering) is even inspriational! Happy May Day

    1. Thank you, Joyce. Good luck decluttering. It’s one of those painful yet liberating things. My neighbour, Diana, and I discuss it at length.

  2. Gosh, you have all the fun! I think I might snag that clock – it would make me feel so much better ;). I love the ‘head tire’ on the woman staring down the Blue Dude. Awesome post. Thanks

    1. I mean — really. It’s all systems GO here right now and honestly… we are pretty bad at it all. We’re more like…”let’s take some time to think and plan our ______________________. (Fill in the blank). And we think about it for about a year or so.

      And yes — the Beltane festival looks like so much fun and maybe one day I’ll get to go to one. Or else Burning Man. I’d love to do that, too.

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