At The Studio


A week ago I had a virtual coffee with business coach, Tara Lutman Agacayak.

When I started the call I was wavering and tentative, as I always seem to be when I discuss my work and my business.

By the end of the call I had a list of goals written down and a timeline for achieving them.  I had a plan of action and a commitment to sit at the bench and work.


The next morning I drove to the studio and I turned on all the lights and the equipment.  I lined up some of the chemicals that I needed and got out my metal, saws, and hammers.  Then I looked out of the window and saw brilliant sunshine and I heard the seagulls calling.  I switched off the lights and equipment and as if there was a tractor beam pulling me out the door because I just headed straight for the seaside and had a long stroll along the water.  Then I stopped at my favourite cafe for tea and schmoozed with the owners for a while.  Then visited a pair of black sandals at Clarks Shoes.  Then I went home and ate dinner with my family.


That was day one of the new me.

On day two of  the new me, my iron willed self-discipline really kicked in and  I worked at the bench the entire day, I’m happy to report.

I also must report that the weather has been cold and rainy ever since day one.


5 thoughts on “At The Studio

  1. See how smart you were to do that walk on the first day! I, myself, am committing to a walk with Peanut today. It will likely be a short one, but the sun is out, a little breeze is available, and I need to strengthen what feels like sea legs after a weird winter. You have inspired me, once again!

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