And Back Again


I arrived back in the U.K. on Tuesday morning and it will take me a few more days to fully immerse myself into this place — my house — my work — my life here.

The above photo is actually an old one.  Peri is ignoring me at the moment,  unless she’s hungry.

While I was away, AP oversaw the renovation of our kitchen and an upstairs office.  I am most appreciative of that as I didn’t have to deal with workman, dust, construction, and chaos.  He handled it all with with his usual good nature.

We are now monitoring each other with respect to our new kitchen:  “Who left this knife on the counter?!”  “Who didn’t wipe down the stove top after using it?!”  “The cupboard door has a spot on it!”

I wonder how long we can keep up this hyper-vigilance?



3 thoughts on “And Back Again

  1. Hahaha! We were like that with the fresh paintwork(lord! almost a year ago!) Of course, smuts and smudges have happened and not all blame can be laid at the cats’ door…

    1. No — life happens. We’re very bad about keeping surfaces clear, though and so I’m on a major decluttering spree. Less is more. Less is more.

  2. So happy you came here and we got some time together. Glad you’re back home safe, too, and await your new adventures, if you have any time for them after wiping down and clearing surfaces!

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