The South

The past four days have found me in North Carolina, courtesy of my dear friends, Deb and Tim.  We’ve known each other since our university days and we only see each other once in a blue moon but that doesn’t matter a bit.   We reconnect and carry on as if we’d seen each other last month instead of five years ago. 

This is their dog, Marley, named after Bob Marley, because he’s just so damned chilled.  I wanted to dognap him because he was such a big, sweet, mellow boy. He was pure love. 

 Our time was spent visiting with close friends and family, a bit of shopping, and hanging around that glorious back deck “setting the world to rights”.  I’m humbled and grateful that they have remained my friends and that I am a part of their lives. 

I don’t know how to knit this into my post so I’m just going to abruptly change the topic. 

 Americans are known for their friendliness but the South has polite and friendly sewn up. I think I’m just an old granny now and that’s why it struck me on this recent visit, but,  I was called “ma’am” and helped with my bags and my seat and treated with such kindness. I don’t care if it’s because I’m a woman of a certain age– I liked it.  Indeed I did. 

6 thoughts on “The South

  1. God! You don’t have to be old to like such manners! I am delighted when someone holds a door for me, offers a seat, allows me right-of-way, even if the law dictates it.And I always acknowledge that.
    Sadly, I don’t see so much here!

  2. What a luxury to have days to catch up instead of a couple of hours! Marley moped after you left so I took him for a long ramble in the woods:)

  3. Yes, the South has manners. I noticed it when we go to New Orleans and Atlanta. However, don’t go too far south or you’ll end up in South Florida. That’s where manners go to die.

  4. I knew from your description, before I saw the photo, that Marley would be a big ol’ golden boy. It’s kind of like having a giant Cavalier. Such sweet creatures. As for being helped with bags, etc., the question I’m asked most when grocery shopping is, “Are you okay?” I must work on my pained look while shopping. But people are ever so helpful here, too. I’ve got you beat by a bunch of years, but it’s always nice to be treated kindly, even when young!

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