A Two Paw Salute to Sammy

Today my dear friend and neighbour, Diana, had to say goodbye to her beloved cavalier King Charles spaniel, Sam. 

Sammy was Pickles’ best friend — and she considered Diana and Steve as part of her pack. She adored them and would make little whimpering sounds whenever we visited. 

Pickles died on November 1st. Poor Sam would look for her whenever he came by my house and when I visited his house he would greet me and then look around the corner to see if his BFF was just there. She wasn’t and we would all sigh and give him extra strokes and kisses, for we all felt his bewilderment and loss. 

Now Sam has crossed the rainbow bridge and I can’t let this day pass without acknowledging him and his wonderful large personality. We are all going to miss him but Diana and Steve will miss him most.  He was a very, very good boy. 

With that, I give you the wedding video that we made in honour of the marriage of William and Kate.  

RIP Sam and Pickles. I will never forget either of you. 

8 thoughts on “A Two Paw Salute to Sammy

  1. Ahhh no! I am so sorry to hear that news Kim. Please pass on our best wishes and love to Diana and Steve xxxx

    1. Pickles was happy all the time about everything. And it’s true– they aren’t with us long. I know you understand about all that because you’ve had many dogs and cats in your family. It’s just a sad day.

  2. Well, that made me cry. And laugh. What beautiful memories they leave us. And we never, ever do forget them. Hugs to Sam’s persons. And to you.

    1. Oh so true. I can’t look at that video without smiling and man– there was a whole lot of love in those dogs. I will pass your comments to Diana.

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