Cloudscape in Winter

 Driving on the back roads, I had to stop once again and take photos. The  late afternoon sky against the snow-covered fields was just too pretty to ignore. 

   I have been spending my days having lunch with my mom and catching up with friends — and dog sitting this little guy.

I brought equipment with me so that I can work  but oddly, I’ve found little time for that. 

6 thoughts on “Cloudscape in Winter

  1. OMG, a schnauzer! I love their attitude (Bette). I also love the photos. I miss the beauty of season changes. I may be living with those seasons sooner than I thought. The house sale is going along at a fast clip. Faster than I thought it would.

  2. It was in the 50s here today, following yesterday’s 7. Lots,of rain now, which melted the snow. Stay safe put there on the roads and enjoy the pup.

  3. I meant “out,” not “put.” And why does my phone think every time I use the space bar what I really mean is a comma. All that really matters is stay safe, which really means I love you.

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