More Winter Days

Ohhhh. This week.

This was the week that I was supposed to get back to work but when I got to the studio I did the bare minimum.  The rain pelted my window and my inspiration was hiding under a big pile of “whatamIdoinghere?!”


The above photos were taken on an afternoon walk, between rain and sleet storms.

Walking without Pickles is hard, I will not lie.  I still expect to see her prancing in front of me with her waggy tail but there is only me putting one foot in front of the other, trying to figure things out in my head but usually not getting very far.

What is there to do but to scratch off the rest of the week and make lunch plans with friends… visit the charity shops for bargains… take an afternoon nap… and do some cooking.  And that’s exactly what I did.

I will be back at work tomorrow because things have seriously picked up and there will be no more room for sullen walks, kicking stones, muttering  under my breath, and afternoon naps.  And I think that’s probably a good thing.










2 thoughts on “More Winter Days

  1. Sounds like winter is back in full force. We are alternating between kind of cold — 30s and 40s — and almost spring and the bulbs and bushes are most confused. They are not confused in Minnesota, where it was 11 below today!

  2. We are alternating, too, but this week it looks like it might snow. Our crocuses have started to come up and there are daffodils about. Yes… confused everywhere.

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