Winter Afternoon



I was suffering from a case of cabin fever on Saturday and so I put on my sneakers and my walking gear and headed out the door.  This was the sky on Saturday afternoon.  I pressed on, trying to ignore the wind and side stepping puddles of water.  About 20 minutes into my walk my little phone went “bleeeeep” and it was a message from my neighbour, Diana, offering me a cup of tea and a visit.  I spun around quicker than you could say “cup of tea” and I walked, double time, straight to her front door and rang the bell.  I made to her house in record time, not the least bit out of breath.  It mattered not that the sky was grey nor that I got a bit of water on my sneakers.

I think this is what January days are made for.


(Here is a photo of a winter storm in Porthleven, Cornwall.  The photo is not mine.)






5 thoughts on “Winter Afternoon

  1. The sky here is also gray and overcast, but I persevered and took both dogs for individual walks around the block. Of course I did it in shorts and a tee shirt even though it was in the mid sixties (17 degrees in the rest of the world). Brrrrr… and I’m giving it all up to move to Chicago. Talk about bleak.

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