Mid December

Yesterday I was in our small town to do some Christmas food shopping and who should I see but my very special girlfriend…


She is so grown up.  She told me that she has only asked for TWO things for Christmas… an electric guitar and a microphone with a speaker. Ohhhh boy.

Winter Solstice – Stonehenge

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice and there’s always a celebration at Stonehenge.  The park officials open up the whole area so that the stones can be seen up close, touched, serenaded, and leaned upon.  It’s actually a very magical experience with various groups from all walks of life and religious leanings standing together to welcome the sun.  There is cheering and singing and drumming and — ok — a little bit of pot but what the heck.  After the sun has come up many people walk back to their cars or vans and pull out the grills and camp stoves and you’ll see what amounts to tailgate parties up and down the road leading to the great monoliths.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone.  Greet the sun and say thank you.




5 thoughts on “Mid December

    1. I know! I suggested that we make a music video if she gets her Christmas wish and to my surprise she said, “OK”. She’s become a little camera shy lately. I’ll do my best to capture her. Her parents are both musicians and so I think she might be a natural.

  1. All she wants for Christmas is a rock and roll electric guitar! She has indeed grown – so has her charm! Happy Solstice to you, too, and I hope you enjoy your Christmas feast. (Our Christmas feast will have a Southern flair and New Years will be Irish … just FYI ;))

    1. Oh Southern food for Christmas would be my idea of heaven. AP’s two boys never want traditional Christmas food and so last year we had hosin duck and this year it’s beef stroganoff.

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