The Rain Comes Last and Other Things


There’s no easy way to say this and some of my readers know because we are Facebook friends…but Pickles died yesterday morning.

She developed heart disease about a year ago.  Sadly, cavaliers are prone to heart disease because of breeding practices.  She had been on medication and was coping fairly well until late Saturday night.  She took a dramatic and sudden turn and it became obvious that she was not going to recover.  She died peacefully with the three people who loved and adored her the most:  AP, Diana and me.

6 thoughts on “The Rain Comes Last and Other Things

  1. When I had Maagie I always felt like she gave me a bigger and better heart. Just doesn’t seem fair that so many Cavs have heart difficulties when they share theirs so freely and openly with us. We are so fortunate to share our lives with one. Pickles was lucky to have found you and you her. She was sweet and funny and determined and incredibly cute. Your sharing her life with those of us who never had the good fortune to meet her has given us a great and precious blessing.

  2. I remember when you got Pickles and the “domestic adjustments” that had to be made.
    There will be other loves. For now, hug AP and Peri.
    Thinking of you, Kim

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