Autumn in Michigan

Halloween pumpkins appear…
Apple cider and hay rides-


Changes are dramatic and take place quickly at this time of year. Last week there were a few leaves in the back yard and this morning the lawn is blanketed with them. 

When we were kids we raked the leaves into big piles and jumped in them.  

Today I’ll borrow a leaf blower. Better yet,  I’ll hire someone with a leaf blower. 😉

6 thoughts on “October

  1. I like the first photo. It’s like the trees are taking turns showing off. What I miss about autumn is the burning leaves at the side of the road. My dad used to rake them in a pile at the curb and burn them. Can’t and shouldn’t do that anymore. Once in awhile I take a couple of oak leaves off the ground and throw them into the barbecue grill just for the memories.

  2. Oh man, this brings back memories! I grew up in OH and loved Halloween simply for the crisp air and the pumpkins and the spice. I wonder if there is still a Pumpkin Show in Circleville? We used to march in its parade every year. There’s another city that has pumpkin chucking contests, or so I hear. Hubby sees a pumpkin and thinks ‘Pie!’

  3. Oh, Kim, remember how Maggie used to love to chase the leaves? What a great time she would have had at our house. One winter I put packing peanuts in my hallway and turned on the fan. She went nuts! Not as colorful as fall, but she didn’t care. Love yiur photos.

  4. Nice. New York is aflame too, but I’m missing it. Oh well, I’ll just suffer the 75 degree sunny weather here in Florida today.

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