Don’t Drink the Water

Oh Flint. My hometown.   You brought us General Motors,  labor unions, and Michael Moore.  You gave us good times and then they turned bad. Really bad.

But of late there’s been a revival in Flint.  Old Victorian houses are being bought and renovated. A university campus has been established downtown. New restaurants and bookstores are opening.

But now Flint has a water contamination problem and the city is once again fighting — this time for safe drinking water.

I was downtown yesterday with my friend, Cristy, for a knockout meal at The Lunch Studio where there were shared stories and commiserations all around about the latest blow to Flint residents.

(Our superb waitress)


So if you visit Flint, admire the red brick Main Street, stop in at The Lunch Studio for a wicked good sammich,  visit the incredible farmer’s market, but for the love of God, don’t drink the water.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Drink the Water

  1. I hope they never pave over those beautiful bricks. By the way, how do they wash the dishes in the restaurants? How do they make the ice for your cocktails? Maybe Mark and I should move to Flint. More bang for the buck, except for the bottled water bill.

  2. Poor, Flint. It’s always something. But what a boon for the water bottle business. (They’re probably behind the contamination.)

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