What Am I Forgetting?

That’s what I puzzled over early this morning when I sat down with my first cup of coffee. It is October. It is early October. I’m getting ready to leave for a visit to the United States. I’ve ticked off all the boxes on my to-do list: Dog has been groomed; Car has been inspected; Prescription filled; Dollars bought; Work projects completed.

What is it? It niggles me.


October 4th is our wedding anniversary. But of course.

The morning ticked on and when AP awoke I suggested that we go out for lunch today. He was playing Words With Friends on his iPhone and he casually said, “Sure.”

So I said, “You know it’s our wedding anniversary, don’t you?”

He gasped. “Oh YOU. You remembered but I forgot.”

“Nope.”  I piped up.  ” I forgot too. I just remembered this morning and I didn’t buy you a card so don’t buy me anything. Let’s just go out for lunch together, OK?”

“OK” — he says to me. And we smile. We smile because almost every year we seem to forget that it’s our anniversary until the very last moment. We both do it and so neither of us can be offended and so we’re not.

I like to think it’s because every day of our lives together is just one big celebration.

Yeah. That’s it.



13 thoughts on “What Am I Forgetting?

  1. Yeah, that’s it. I remember your wedding as if it were yesterday, except I never remember the anniversary. October 4 — got it! Have a delectable day!

  2. What sweetness. Happy anniversary, you two. I agree, remembering, not remembering, not so important. All days are good (well, most!), every day is a celebration.

  3. I am like that with anniversaries.Of anything.The shared pleasures and trials are what make up a marriage.So…here’s to another year of you two almost not remembering your wedding day! 🙂

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