Art Appreciation




Last year someone gave me a very large picture frame that has sat empty for several months. A few weeks ago I tacked up a big piece of brown paper and started outlining a design but I kept waiting for more inspiration to come to me before I could carry on with the project.

Yesterday the inspiration came in the form of AP — who paid me a visit at the studio and then sat down with some paints and worked happily for a few hours while I knotted beads.

The concept, in case there is any confusion about the painting, is about our trip to the Lake District and the encroaching industrialisation of the countryside.

I’m rather fond of this quote:


May you find inspiration and time to create — no matter how good or bad or silly or serious.

11 thoughts on “Art Appreciation

  1. i love all of this. Your idea from your trip, design outline, AP’s jumping in, the visual of you knotting beads, AP painting (and maybe, or not, Pickles curled up near by), the quote. Warms my heart, it does. And I love what Andy did! And I love the both of you.

    1. Ahh Carol — we love you, too. I have to come clean — the concept was Andy’s. I started the work with just a few weird outlines and he completed it. But thank you for such a nice comment.

    1. Well — if you WERE here there’s not a doubt in my mind that you would paint or draw something beautiful because I KNOW you’re a good artist. Teresa. Yes you.

  2. I love that Kurt Vonnegut quote. Now I know why I write my little blog stories (Although I’ve never thought of it as art). Oh, and I love the AP painting. I’ve always wondered what people are thinking when they pave over farm lands and nature. It’s land that they’ll never get back.

  3. Here I am, on my bright, shiny new (same as) computer…and the quote is so appropriate right now. I want to finish some artwork, but need to sort out my files…

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