And It Was All Over Except for the Crying…

“Not the legs!  Not the legs!  Not the legs!  DON’T TOUCH THE LEGS…”

Those were the cries that came out of our bedroom on Sunday night.

No — it wasn’t anything the least bit untoward and it wasn’t even good, married sex.  It was me in agony when my lower back went into spasm and I needed help moving from the floor of the bedroom onto our bed.  I had to summon AP when I was frozen in pain and he mistakingly grabbed my legs to push them into a less awkward position.

Rear view of woman with hands on lower back with Pain written on it

It all came about when we decided to paint the garden fence on a sunny afternoon.  We painted and painted and when we finished,  the painting was over but I was hobbling.   And when the evening sun went down, that’s when the cryin’ started.

5 thoughts on “And It Was All Over Except for the Crying…

    1. Yes — as far as I know you’ve stayed out of prison thus far, Alan. It wouldn’t be worth it. As for me — I’ve got the good old NHS and they’ll give me some muscle relaxers to help…although it’s getting a bit better.

  1. Bet that’s the last time you paint a fence. Come to think of it, painting is one of the things I did before my back went on a bend…

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