Walk The Walk — or Not



AP and I are in the Lake District, far in the north of England. This is the country of Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. It’s the place of many hills and mountains and in case you hadn’t guessed it…lakes.

The north of England is a little cooler, a little wetter, and a lot more remote than the busy south and people come here to walk and ramble through the hills and dales. This place is full of people with backpacks, waterproof trousers & jackets, and big hiking boots.

Therefore, we came (more or less) prepared to go on a few walks in this beautiful countryside and AP studied the map and chose a walk which was reported to be one of Wordsworth’s favourites.

We found the starting point, marked by a little bridge, and so our country walk began. I led the way. Roughly 50 yards into the walk this is what I found:


I turned around and simply said, “I’m not. No way. Nope.”

We had to find another walk. AP was shocked at my reluctance to try and traverse this pit of mud but I wouldn’t attempt it even in solid hiking boots (of which I do not own.)

We crossed the road and followed another foot path sign, all the while AP muttering under his breath, and look at what awaited us:

A nice, sensible footpath, do you not agree?

Here are a few more photos but they really don’t capture the beauty of this place.  I’m having internet connectivity problems up here so this is all I can post at the moment.

IMG_9132 IMG_9153

11 thoughts on “Walk The Walk — or Not

  1. Haha! Thought you’d entered the “sensible shoe” phase in your life?!
    That means a pair of Hunter’s wellies!! Glad you’re enjoying the Lakes now you’ve found how to dodge the boggy bits!

  2. I also prefer a nice smooth surface over rough and muddy terrain. That is one of the reasons I live in the city. Mud paths are for cows.

  3. Oh yes. Doug and I are much more particular these days about the trails we wish to walk. I’m glad you’re in such a beautiful place on your birthday Ms. Dragonlane. Much love from redrokit.

    1. Wow — a blast from the past! Lowell Jr. High. Eeeek. Pop your head above the parapet and share a bit more with me because I have so few memories of those bygone days.

    2. Eek is right! What a detail to omit! This is Diana from our flute playing band days, etc. My parents still live in my childhood home and while visiting I discovered a F.C. yearbook. Of course, it immediately sent me hurtling down memory lane and social media being what it is….so glad to “see” you again and know that you are doing well.

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