Our Visitor

My friend, Di Mackey, who is a professional photographer, came over from Belgium to spend a wee bit of time in the UK.

She captured these shots while staying with us:

Pickles Leaping

Pickles Posing

Kim and Andy


Di is a talented writer and photographer — and traveler. She reenergises herself through exploring new places and meeting new people. She has a wide open heart of goodness and this draws people to her easily.

She spent some time in London where she went to a fabulous party and attended a first-rate concert. By the time she got to our house she was overflowing with kind words about her impressions of England.

I smiled. While I love so many aspects of life in the UK, I have lived here long enough to have had a few struggles and clashes of culture. There a times when I feel like garish clod. I am a continual square peg trying to squeeze into a round hole, I’m afraid.

AP, on the other hand, is so very proud of the UK and he loves almost every aspect of this sceptred isle. He could hardly contain himself as he listened to Di sing the praises of London.

Everything was tickity-boo until she said, “Oh! And the British men! They’re so charming and lovely!”

I saw AP’s eyes light up and his smile broaden.

I had to clamp my hand over Di’s arm and squeeze.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s never a good thing to get too horrible or too fabulous.
Neither one is real or true and both extremes can bring misery to the soul.

AP is lucky to have me keep that balance in his life, don’t you think?

9 thoughts on “Our Visitor

  1. “Oh! And the British men! They’re so charming and lovely!”
    Everything looks better when you are just visiting. That’s why I’m stuck in Florida now.

  2. Oh, absolutely! (Have you noticed how difficult it is to type with one’s tongue in the cheek….)
    Seriously? That’s a smashing photo of you two.

  3. Well, my British husband is lovely and charming, I think so, anyways. He does think the sun shines solely on England and is trying to get me to move there. I’ve avoided it for 15 years, not sure how much longer I can make excuses!

    1. ***HI Julia!!*** So good to see you. I’ve often wondered if you would make your way over here and I can see that you’re not quite here…yet.

      Please give me a shout when you’re next in the UK. I would love to meet up with you for a cuppa. And yes, I will drive north to meet with you!!

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