Summery Afternoons and Other Things


Peri does not like her new leopard skin pill box cat bed. I picked it up at a local flea market for a song and I knew it was iffy but I couldn’t resist.   Peri is bemused by it and usually rushes away from it as though it’s radioactive.  It will be donated to the local cat shelter along with a box of cat food that Peri refuses to eat.

Oh dear.  This is fast becoming a cat blog.

Here are some photos that I took while working at the studio last week. It was sunny every day and Pickles and I took strolls along the seafront in the late afternoon.

IMG_8863 IMG_8901 IMG_8902

Last week I helped a friend move from her flat. After watching three moving vans drive away with what I believe were about two hundred boxes I went straight home and opened a garbage bag and did a walk-through of my house. I think I need to do that about five or six more times. Less is more… Less is more…

10 thoughts on “Summery Afternoons and Other Things

  1. Oh, yeah. I know that feeling – 20 or so moves in a little over 30 years gave me maaaannny chances to cull my stuff. Funny thing, though, my library keeps growing and growing and growing. Cripes.

    1. Books. Oh yeah. I vow to read them and then immediately re-donate or give them away. I can see the benefits of kindle now even though I prefer reading a paper book. 🙂

      1. You would laugh if you could see the bookshelf behind me – quite the structure ;/ I see the benefits of e-readers, but most of my library is non-fiction and most books are studded with stickies … I have multiple open simultaneously and … well, you get the picture I think.

  2. Cat bed made out of cat skin? Even if it’s fake cat skin, it’s kind of like cannibalism. Or maybe cattibalism. No wonder Peri is freaked out by it.

  3. Less is more is trying to be my mantra.Not working! But as we will have to move stuff when we repaint…I’m hoping more can be discarded.

  4. Yay, tossing things is good! I’m doing some of that myself, tho truth be told, I did change my mind about one item and removed it from garbage. It is being repurposed, at least. And I even threw away some of Peanut’s gnarly nylabones. She did not mind one single bit because, honestly, she really likes only one, which I kept. I wish you were here to say out, out, out! I will try to hear you in my head.

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