My Cat!

Photo on 27-06-2015 at 15

I changed my Facebook profile picture. This is blog-worthy news, I know. I took this photo myself with my Photo Booth application. Peri comes to me every night and she spends quite a few minutes head butting and rubbing up against my glasses.


She purrs and even tries to comb my hair with her little paws. Then she stops suddenly and for no apparent reason. She just abruptly ceases her purring and then she runs upstairs as if I’ve done something really offensive. She is a fickle cat but she always makes me laugh and I promised to care for her and I do.  I care for her a lot.

3 thoughts on “My Cat!

  1. Peri has her routine and you have yours. For that little time every evening your routines coincide. I think that’s kind of sweet.

  2. She loves you. It may be sometimes hard to tell because cats do not wag their tails, but I just know she loves you.

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