More Summer Days

photo-21IMG_6098 DSC_0029 DSC_0059 image

I recommend an English coastal town for a seaside holiday. These photos were taken last June when AP and I escaped to Ilfracombe, Devon for a long weekend.

It’s true that the UK has lousy, rainy weather but when it’s good weather — it’s GREAT. There’s so much natural beauty here and the British value their open spaces and go to great lengths to protect these beautiful green environments.

As we are not going having a seaside holiday this month, I will be working on cleaning up our garden and repotting some plants so as to make our small green space a little bit nicer.

Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “More Summer Days

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! It’s definitely on our bucket list. We still have great memories of the NYC tour you gave us.

  2. Hey Kimmie – it has been some time since we’ve talked. I do hope this finds you well. You look wonderful. Drop me a line if you get a chance. Love to catch up. Michael

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