A Summery Day In Mid-June


It was a very fine day.

Hellllooooo Summer.

I awoke BEFORE the birds this morning. Seriously. I don’t know why I wake up so early but my friend, Teresa, thinks that it must be my farmer genes and she may be correct.

I awoke so early this morning that the seagulls were just barely squawking and they hadn’t even begun to pick through the trash bins on the street and Pickles was sleeping so hard that she didn’t hear me leave the bed.

I had my coffee.  I read the news feed.

And so my day began.

I worked in the morning and I was happy with my productivity and felt full of satisfaction when I stood up for the 7th inning stretch.

When it was time for lunch I ate a sandwich and in-so-doing, I broke a tooth.  Yes.  I broke a tooth on a sandwich.

The dentist will see me next week or earlier if there’s a cancellation.

I would say that it was all downhill after that but it wasn’t.  I took Pickles to the seaside for a walk. How can one be in a bad mood when the sky is blue and the sea is blue and there is a soothing breeze? I’ll try to remember this when I’m in the dentist’s chair next week.

4 thoughts on “A Summery Day In Mid-June

  1. I am so sorry about your tooth! I hate when that happens. I hope it is a simple repair next week. It reads like a beautiful done. I love when the gods of work, sea and sunshine come together.

  2. Gorgeous blues – I especially love the adorable striped cabana. Sorry about your tooth. “What sort of sandwiches do you eat, dear?” I ask with a smile. “Tough-crusted pumpernickel perhaps?” Alan’s BBC link is pretty cool – I learned I’ve been sleeping in a most old-school manner, which isn’t easy when others have the dominant 9:00 – 5:00 work schedule.

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