These Days…

sunnyday1 sunnyday2

…more often they are sunny days. They’re not particularly warm days, but there’s a clear sky and brilliant sunshine, which does my heart good.

These are busy days. I’m busy with work that makes me happy — and some work that’s just work. It’s not glamorous or uplifting. It’s just slogging through work stuff and office stuff and trying to do the best you can without losing your mind kind-of stuff.

I’m still waiting for the real summer to make its appearance.  I want a few weeks of hot weather where I wear sandals and summer skirts and I go to the swimming pool for relief from the heat.  Yes.  I said a few weeks because that’s really all we get here in the UK.  Summer weather is normally but a few short weeks and I can’t wait.

Watch this space.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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