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Walk through an art museum and take note of how many women artists are exhibited there. My guess is that you wouldn’t find many. This isn’t news. Most people know that women in the arts are under-represented and not given the recognition that their male counterparts enjoy.

I once toured a mid sized city museum with a friend and when I noted that there were only two women artists on display he said, “Who else could they exhibit?!” Sheesh.

This week I bring you Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944), American painter, poet and designer.


fssoiree family-portrait-1933-florine-stettheimer


For a long time
I gave myself
To the arrested moment
To the unfulfilled moment
To the moment of quiet expectation
I painted the trance moment
The promise moment
The moment in the balance
In mellow golden tones . . .
Then I saw
Outside me
Around me
Knocking me
Jarring me
Hurting me
Rousing me
Forcing me in joy to paint them . . .

_ Florine Stettheimer

5 thoughts on “Discovered – Midweek Art Post

  1. Hooray for Florine and for you, Kim, for bringing her to us. May she become known to many more. Love “I painted the trance moment”, where I have always spent a fair amount of time (and where I’m pretty much residing right now). Very important place, one hard to describe, but I think she captures it beautifully! Wow. I’ve viewed the paintings only on my phone so far but look forward to seeing them on bigger screen once I enter the “real” world again.

  2. Wow. Man. Thank you for this post. As Di said, I love her use of color – it reminds me a bit of Matisse’s work, the reds, I think. Anyway… I am quite intrigued by these compositions, especially the second image with the nude looking out of the frame at all the people with their backs to her, especially the woman clothed head to toe in black. Very nice. Thank you.

  3. It seems that the one with the painter and the nude seems to say something about Gaugain, but I don’t know what. The nude looks like she stepped out of a Gaugain. And I love the one with the big roses. Thanks for sharing!

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