A Cold Brew Coffee and Pickles

IMG_8648 IMG_8621

I was at the studio all of last week, working on a steady flow of customer orders. Thank you, customers.

I work best in the mornings as I am usually up early and my energy levels are high at that time.  After Pickles has her morning walk, I turn on some music or a podcast and I sit down and begin to work.

When I tire or if I become tense, I know there’s no point in forcing the process.  I stand up and make a move for the front door to go for a walk  and Pickles will come scurrying after me.  Her toenails click against the floor and her eyes are always full of anxiety because she hates, hates, hates being left behind.  So I rarely leave her behind.

Last week during a break we found ourselves at my favourite coffee shop where I ordered a cold brew coffee and a crumpet with honeycomb butter.  If I were to write YUM here it wouldn’t even begin to describe how heavenly that honey comb butter tasted.  I also learned that cold brew coffee is a new and exciting trend amongst coffee connoisseurs and baristas as this method  of brewing removes a lot of the acidity from coffee.

Pickles ate scraps of ham that the shop manager hand fed her while we waited for my crumpet.  That manager sure knows how to do business because he often gives her a treat when we stop by and now Pickles makes a bee line for his door whenever we are out on the street.  I’m sure I stop in and have an afternoon coffee or tea much more frequently now that Pickles is on board.



4 thoughts on “A Cold Brew Coffee and Pickles

  1. Your crumpet looks like one of those things we have here called Thomas’ English Muffins. Any relation at all?

    PIckles has the look down.

  2. Lew used to make cold brew coffee. Best coffee ever. He did not make crumpets, tho he did enjoy the company of a litle Cavalier. He would approve of your post

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