The Cat’s Meow


Peri says, “these two Dreamies aren’t going to make up for the fact that you put me in a cage and made me ride in a car for 50 minuets and now I’m in a place that I don’t recognise and I want my regular bed now please, Food Lady. And some food.”

I’ve been silent here on the blog, mostly because it’s been full-on since returning from our sublime Wales holiday. I’m working on a political campaign (more on this later) and also, I have been doing life work and money work and house work. Oh wait. Not so much house work. But it’s been busy.

I have a few customer requests for rings this week, as well as a commitment to myself to learn a new stone setting technique so I am back at the studio this evening and will be here for the next few days. AP is working out of town and so I had to pack Peri in her travel crate and bring her down here with me. She howled terribly the entire way, a gravely, guttural cry.  At times it sounded like “Ohhhh…Ohhhh”  She was most upset.

We are all here, now.  We have all had our dinner and it’s quiet.  I expect that Peri’s ruffled feathers will be smoothed over the next few days, just in time for us to pack up and travel back home.  Ohhhhh.  Ohhhhh.

(Peri and Pickles caught sitting together back at our house one evening last week.  It warms my heart.)


4 thoughts on “The Cat’s Meow

  1. Ohhh…owww! That’s right, Peri, give that knife a sharp twist.
    And the guilt-eyes. I’m not sure how to tell G and S they might have to go and stay with shhhh the Vee Ee Tee.
    But you seem happy-busy so that’s good.

  2. Did Picklies try to comfort Peri with tail wags or conversation? I am comforted that they are practically touching in that photo. It is, well, touching.

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