Animals inWales

We are visiting a very rural part of the country and I can’t resist posting a few photos of  some of the animals we have met along the way.  Here is Molly the cat who lives with the owners of the B&B:

Molly is 18 years old and arthritic, however, we saw her catch a mouse yesterday and we guessed that perhaps this was Molly’s secret to a long life:  one or two mice a day. 

Here is the friendly hen who came to our door twice with a curious look in her button eyes.   She is a nice little girl. 

And there are these little beauties:

A word of caution:  you do NOT want to get behind these guys on a small country road because they remain firmly in the centre of the road, sauntering along, and you will be left driving about 10 miles per hour until they finally stand aside and let you pass.  I thought we’d never get out of that valley. 

And this little chap was waiting patiently for his human to finish grocery shopping.  I hope he was rewarded with a piece of chicken. 

We have seen a few castles and Neolithic ruins.  Today we’re back to the beautiful mountains for more sight seeing and animal gazing. 

3 thoughts on “Animals inWales

  1. I’ve so enjoyed your colourful and charming travelogue Rockyann. Enjoy the mountains . Could it be a goat today?

  2. Cute chicken, cute sheep, but I learned never to name your farm yard animals. They don’t taste as good if you once called them Henrietta or Floppsy.

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