Tuesday Is Sometimes Not Easy

Oh Hello!

Isn’t this just about the biggest scone with clotted cream and jam that you’ve ever seen? I didn’t order it when I saw the menu and I got a respectable chocolate eclair instead.

This photo was taken over the weekend when AP and I drove north to spend some time with friends for an Easter reunion.

And now.  Tuesday.

Not the best of days.  Inspiration was low.  Frustration was high.

Pickles felt it too.


We had an evening walk to clear the air.

IMG_8338 IMG_8337

And now it’s time for mindless television and sharing a bowl of popcorn.  Pickles knows this and she’s insisting.  She stands before me and snuffs and then slaps her paw on my leg for emphasis.  Her message is clear.

May Wednesday be a better day.





3 thoughts on “Tuesday Is Sometimes Not Easy

  1. Who does order those scones? I have been on a bit of a scone hunt here in Ireland, and so far, not knocked over by one. But I do know of one here in Togher that I might have to go get. Wishing you a creative Wednesday. Hope you are having as much good weather as we are here in Cork!

  2. I don’t know why, but I suddenly remembered this post and wondered what clotted cream is. I looked it up on the Wikipedia. I’m surprised that anybody in Southwest England is still alive. I would think one of those scones would instantly clog every blood vessel in your body.

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