Bluster and Grey




Jeez Louise it’s still cold here. These photos were taken a few weeks ago while on a walk in nearby Guildford. I think the trees might be a little further along in their budding by now.

If you’ve ever read Notes From a Small Island, you may remember that Bill Bryson comments on how directions are given in England. I was reminded of this while doing a bit more canvassing for the NHA party this weekend. All of the volunteers met in my neighbourhood and then they asked me where we should start.

“Well… back behind the Old People’s there’s a group of houses that we could canvass and just after that there’s another group near the Wibbly Wobbly Way…” Everyone looked confused. Of course they were. There’s no such thing as “Old People’s” or “Wibbly Wobbly Way”. Those are descriptions that my neighbours and I have made up to describe dog walks. There’s also “Poop Alley” but I didn’t mention that one.

In my experience, street names are not necessarily used and many buildings in the town centre do not have numbers on them so knowing the exact address isn’t helpful. You have to know which round-a-bout it’s near or which pub it’s near or — the curve in the road or the hedge that it boarders. Another little bit about life in England and I find it rather sweet, unless I’m lost.

7 thoughts on “Bluster and Grey

  1. Well, all I can say is “don’t go to Tokyo without a local.”
    Actually, a lot of folk here do much the same.My friend told me to turn left where so-and-so’s shop used to be before the fire.Huh? The fire was 13 years before I moved to this town!
    And I’m willing to bet my housekeeping on Wibbly Wobbly Way being first left after the pub!

  2. Wibbly Wobbly Way? You have become an Islander! Poop Alley is the perfect descriptor:) Good luck with the election. Our state leaders decided to change the way local elections are held to give the rural (ie conservative) areas of the county more representation after last fall’s elections threw out a right-wing majority that had been in power for more than a decade.

    1. Yes — the conservatives will do anything — and I mean anything — to rig elections and stack the courts so that they can get their agenda through. They are loathsome.

  3. As a former taxi driver I am a stickler for addresses. If you can give me an address, I can get you there. However, I probably could find Poop Alley, if I were down wind.

  4. There’s a great video about directions given in Ireland. It’s a hoot and similar to your post. Beautiful photos!

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