Speaking Liberally



I was invited to a public meeting in support of the National Health Action party and I gave a wee talk on the American health care system and what it’s like to live with privatised healthcare. To my amazement I didn’t stumble too much and only stammered a little. Public speaking is not my forte.

Working on my talk made me revisit some of the horrors of insurance companies and what it’s like to have to pay large out-of-pocket expenses when faced with an illness or other health emergency.

On a similar note, I walked around my neighbourhood the other day and knocked on my neighbours’ doors, introduced myself, and told them about Dr. Louise Irvine (NHA party) and her candidacy to be our next MP in our area. To my amazement almost everyone was receptive and a few people even said, “Oh yeah? OK… I’ll vote for her.” Wow. That was easy and a very different experience than handing out flyers in the town centre.

And on a totally unrelated note, I spent a good portion of yesterday working on some spring cleaning and a little bit of decluttering. In order to keep my motivation high, I had to email a few friends and announce my intentions. It worked. I fulfilled all the tasks on my cleaning list and the rest of the weekend is for other kinds of work. Work work. I have earn a bit of money to keep the dog and cat in Meaty Strips and Dreamies.


4 thoughts on “Speaking Liberally

  1. Every time I go to my eye doctor I can almost hear the cash register going, Kaching! I am sure he does extra tests that I don’t need since there is no way my eyesight can be restored. When I challenge him on that he gives me a long lecture about his concerns for me, and how these tests help him keep me from going completely blind. The British people are nuts if they get rid of their heath system. Oh, and a picture of Pickles is always a nice way to end a post.

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