Talk This Way


Oh Lordy.

So I hopped on the Eurostar and landed myself in Antwerp to spend a couple of days with Di.

And we couldn’t stop talking.

We talked so much that I forgot to take photos.

We talked through lunch and dinner.

We talked so that we nearly missed our tram stops on many occasions.

We drove fellow customers out a cafe because we were talking.

We talked while crossing the busy roads, holding up our hands to the traffic to let them know that we weren’t stopping and we were BUSY. Talking.

We even talked through an eclipse of the sun and accidentally missed the whole thing!

It felt like the flood gates opened and every thought or bit of information that I had been storing up since the last time I saw her came tumbling out in torrents and I couldn’t stop and when it was time to leave I felt empty and full all at once.


Talk isn’t cheap at all… it’s golden.

(Photos from Eurostar.  I grew bored on my way home because I didn’t have anybody to talk to.)


photo-26 photo-27

3 thoughts on “Talk This Way

  1. We did talk, didn’t we. And it’s been kind of flat without you here to talk some more with 🙂 Thank you for a lovely few days.

  2. That’s how it is. You talk more when you’re with somebody who you can say anything to, and they don’t looked shocked when you say it. My “Di” lives in Chicago.

  3. So wish I could have been there to listen in, and perhaps chime in occasionally, though it would thrill me more to just hear your voice and your laughter. I know you laughed.

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