Ups and Downs

First, recent photos of my dog and cat…


Everything slowed down this month. My little biz flattened out and whatever umpf I may have had stayed deeply buried. We had some spring-like days and then they turned into rainy, sleety, cold days and my mood soured.

I dragged myself around with a heavy weight on my shoulders.

I decided that I needed an infusion of F-U-N and so I made travel plans to visit my dear friend in Belgium for a few days of nothing more than eating, talking, walking and playing cards with her and her granddaughter. My spirits lifted as soon as the decision was made to go.

Then I was offered more work at my contract job and so I accepted it and one day after that, a few customer orders appeared in my inbox.  Awwwright!

So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut famously said. It’s never a good idea to get too wretched or too fabulous. Neither are actually real.  I will try to maintain my balance as I leave for my visit today, except… I’m very excited.

5 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. “It’s never a good idea to get too wretched or too fabulous.” I agree. People don’t seem to understand when I don’t get as excited as they do over things, nor as sad about things. Right in the middle, and I try to stay there.

  2. I’ve actually opened all the doors and windows here in Belgium. It warmed ‘enough’ to do this thing. For a little while anyway. Yesterday it was 17 celsius, I’m sorry you missed that. It would have made a most marvelous impression 🙂 We are both VERY excited you’re coming our way. Miss 10 is busy cleaning her room as I write. We have discussed your duvet cover, dinners, and shopped at the supermarket as we biked home from school on her half-day. The wine is in the fridge. I think we are ready.

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