Rolling Along

Jeanne d'Arc au sacre du roi Charles VII, dans la cathedrale de Reims (1854)
My foray back into grassroots political activism was not easy. I won’t lie to you. I came home with a bit of a long face after handing out flyers on Saturday. I wallowed in self pity and, if I were to be honest, in self righteousness.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in England it’s that ONE MUSTN’T GRMBLE! One must just get on with it. (I’m so bad at this I can’t believe I’ve survived this long in the U.K.)

But today – back at the studio, a long walk along the seafront…



I am so grateful for the sun and the spring flowers and the longer days.

3 thoughts on “Rolling Along

  1. Ha, I had to laugh at the picture of St. Joan. But I know it can be hard standing out on the streets handing out flyers. What a lovely place to stroll, I’m sure I would get no work done if I had my office there!

  2. I second Miss Marjorie’s (I live in the American South, can you tell?) sentiment – that photo shows such movement, and I love the blackbird. The reference to Joan of Arc made me smile. As I left the bookstore’s cafe yesterday I saw a title that takes the edge off my frustration: “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.” Take care.

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