March 1st

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AP and I took Pickles for a walk in the countryside this morning while the sun was out and the skies were clear. After we entered the woodland I heard a mother say to her little boy, “Look! There’s a puddle right there!” and the little boy, kitted out in his jacket and wellington boots, jumped in the puddle and made a big splash. The mother laughed and applauded.

It must have been heaven for this child to be allowed to jump freely in a big old mud puddle in the middle of a woodland path.  I have since learned that this is called “puddling” in the UK and it’s a done thing.  Who knew?  I grew up in a city in the midwest and I don’t recall playing in water except when the drains overflowed after a big rain storm and then we just ran barefoot through the flooded streets.

So this is March.  It came in like a lamb this morning but by mid-afternoon the sleet and rain were pelting our windows and it was time to fire up the wood stove and go to bed with a book.  I’m reading Honey and Dust by Piers Moore Ede.  And you?



3 thoughts on “March 1st

  1. Oh, yes! Puddles are for splashing.Just as leaf piles are for jumping in and scuffing.
    Our beach has been closed because of jellyfish.Yesterday, we drove home via the beach in the hope the jellies had gone.Now? It’s closed because of crocodiles.I wish I had a puddle.

    1. For all the horrible things people say about Florida, and yes we also have jelly fish that sting and prevent you from enjoying the beach, our beaches are never closed because of crocodiles. Sharks yes, but not crocodiles.

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