Late February Almost March

(Sign on the Bridge of Forth, Scotland)

Yes. Blowy. That’s how I would describe it, too, although I RARELY — if EVER — use that other word. Believe me, mom. I’m just reposting something from up in Scotland and you know how those Scots are. They don’t mince words.

So it’s been cold and rainy and the winds have been fierce. Pickles and I venture out and as soon as she’s sniffed a few posts and has done what’s needed to be done, we scramble back inside.


When I get ready for bed I have to fill a hot water bottle and slip it between the sheets. AP and I collect wood from the wood pile outside and bring it in to dry and then to burn in our stove. I could almost be a pioneer woman except that it’s not quite that bad.

And then today,  just like magic, the sun came out and the air warmed up.  I didn’t need gloves when I took Pickles for our morning walk.  At noon I walked down the street with my coat unbuttoned.

I saw these:



At 5PM the sun was still in the sky and the birds were singing. They were!

Friends — especially my friends in the midwest and on the east coast, USA — spring is on the way. Do not lose faith.

4 thoughts on “Late February Almost March

  1. That’s what four seasons are all about, the joy you feel at the first blooms. Unlike here in Florida where I walk past flowers all year round, and don’t give them a second thought. I’ll be moving back to Chicago this year (I hope), and Chicago will not allow you to take the seasons for granted.

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