Quiz Night Whiz Night

img_1358-1Here in the UK, a favourite pass time is a little thing called “Quiz Night” — which is essentially a version of trivial pursuit. Many pubs have a Quiz Night but it’s also a great fundraiser for charities and so AP and I have been to a few of these ventures.

It just so happened that the local chapter of the Soroptimists had a quiz night to benefit women’s shelters and to raise awareness of domestic abuse. We shared a table with the former Mayor and another American transplant, and two extremely lovely women who rounded out our team of six. A bottle of wine was placed on the table along with some nibbles and the games began.

There were eight categories and — well — several questions to answer and the competition was fierce and we kept reminding ourselves and our team mates that this was all in good fun and it was for a charity.


There were arguments,

There were sighs and eye rolls,

There were mutterings under the breath.

Our team lost third place by 1/2 of a point. It stung.

We repeated the mantra that it was all in good fun and it DIDN’T REALLY MATTER!

Still,  for about three days afterwards AP and I would turn to each other at odd moments and say something akin to, “If we had just stuck with our answer about the Model T Ford we could have placed third.

AP would suddenly appear in the doorway with his hands on hips and say, “I don’t really think it was fair for them to categorize Norway as a part of the EU when they really weren’t!!”  And I would pat his back and comfort him.  “I know, I know…”

There was also raffle and one of the ladies on our table won a bottle of sherry. But a raffle is a game of chance, unlike having general knowledge and a good memory. But I suppose the questions are random. Yes.  So life really is just a lottery.

And it doesn’t really matter. Well, not that much.




One thought on “Quiz Night Whiz Night

  1. I love quiz games like that. Mark and I watch Jeopardy every night and try to outdo each other. Some nights my brain is clicking along and I’m spewing out answers, other nights it’s like my brain has gone into vapor lock.

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