Midweek — Easy Does It


I’m back in the studio after much backing and forthing which involved a trip to the doctor. It’s nothing serious but she told me that I should give up coffee.


Of course I nodded and said, “OK” but clearly this doctor does not understand a serious caffeine addiction and the last time I went off coffee was by accident, when someone unknowingly gave me decaffeinated and I had a migraine headache that almost made me faint.

I will cut back and that will be good enough.

(BTW, in Belgium they give you a little gooey chocolate with your morning coffee.  How utterly civilised. )

Here in the studio I pulled out a piece of gold that I bought a few years ago but have been too afraid to work with since.  Gold is very costly to ruin.


I made myself a very simple diamond ring.  I formed and soldered the band and bezel, and I set a small coloured diamond all without melting metal, scratching stones, cursing or tears.

5 thoughts on “Midweek — Easy Does It

  1. What a beautiful ring. I think you should marry Andy again so you can use this ring in the ceremony. And yeah, safer to cut back on the coffee. Next year they will say coffee is good for you. Actually, they might have said that this year.

  2. I don’t drink as much coffee, nor is it the sludgy Turkish kind, as I did, but I figure that I also don’t smoke, don’t snort coke, don’t drink hard spirits,..so coffee wont hurt me.If I gave up other people might suffer!
    And the ring? It looks lovely. And made without tears! 🙂

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