This is the Way It Is




There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by over the past few weeks that I haven’t thought of Julie and her entire family.

She was very ill. She wrote lovely emails to me, explaining that she was tired, but always asking about me and giving me full permission to blather away in emails to her about my days. Some of my emails were tedious, of course I know that. Yet – she wanted to hear it all.

On Friday I was doing some routine chores around the house and my thoughts once again turned to Julie.  Through all of my movements and motions, my mind was on her almost as a meditation.

A few hours later I learned that she passed away the previous night.

So she is gone and has been released from suffering.

It’s a terrible hard thing, this loss. Julie never pulled any punches about her disease and I was expecting the phone call or the text and yet I was absolutely jolted when I got the news. I am shocked.

Yet there it is.

And it is raw.

She was well loved by friends and family.  She was important to us.

And that is all.

6 thoughts on “This is the Way It Is

  1. So sorry to hear that. Even when you know somebody is sick and the prospects are dim, it does nothing to lessen the sadness and shock. Take Pickles out for a long walk.

  2. You helped us get to know Julie and her family. I’m glad she was able to visit you in England, and that you, Julie and Cristy were able to see the Tigers on a beautiful fall day. Our condolences to her family — Cristy, Bill, and especially her daughters. They inherited their mom’s radiance.

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