A Middle of the Week Day

The sun did not make an appearance today.  I busied myself with clearing and sorting out a closet and one kitchen shelf.  I carried bundles of clothes and bedding down to the washing machine…I swept the floors and stairs.

Just as I sat down to read, Pickles slapped her paw on my knee which meant that it was time to go out for a walk.  I couldn’t bear the same old walk around our neighbourhood so I popped her into the car and we drove out to Waverley Abbey — a ruin of a Cistercian Abbey built in 1128.

IMG_8072 IMG_8071

It was muddy. It was overcast. There were cows in the pasture.


A pair of geese paddled around the pond although they did not pose for a photo…


There is a WWII bunker at the entrance of the abbey land. If you come to England and travel around the counties outside of London, you might see these structures from time to time as this area was the last line of defense before London. (AP tells me this every time we see an old bunker. )


When I got home after the walk, after a trip to the grocery store, after folding more laundry, I sat down and ate a nice big bowl of the most expensive and fattening ice cream and I loved every spoonful. It was my solace on this very drab winter day.
I think it will most probably be my dinner as well.

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