January Days

Oh, they can be cold, bitter days.

They are hard days when the sky is bleak and loved ones across the ocean could use a good, big hug.

My friend, Julie could use one.



My friend,Carol, too.



Every day is a hard struggle for them but they still manage to send me emails that make me smile and — oh they are such sweet and loving women, with wisdom and practical common sense.

My thoughts never stray far from them.



Yesterday Pickles and I drove down to the studio.

It was very cold.

We both coveted the small space heater that I have in the lounge.

Pickles sleeps hard now and sometimes it isn’t easy to wake her.  She slobbers when she sleeps, her legs akimbo. I have to nudge her a few times before she fully awakes from her slumber and it takes her quite a few seconds to come around and decide to follow me outside for a walk.

Today we found another dog-friendly cafe!  This is good news, indeed, especially since the first dog cafe closed.  Closed.  Just like that.  We couldn’t believe it.


I’m working away the hours here while Pickles sleeps on the sofa behind my work bench. It’s not a bad way to spend my time.

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