A Special Someone

I had a visitor yesterday. She brought with her a plastic milk bottle and asked me to help her make a monster from it. She had so many ideas about how to paint this monster but alas, I have stored my paints at the studio. I found some colourful tape, paper, string and glue and she gave it a bit of consideration and then set about creating her masterpiece.



She has lost a bottom tooth. She’s learning how to read.

After working so hard on her project, we made a tent out of a handmade quilt and we had toast and jam while watching cartoons. If you look closely you’ll see her monster — and notice her new best friend, Pickles, supervising the toast and jam.


It was so nice to see Sohpia again. It made an otherwise dreary Monday very happy.

2 thoughts on “A Special Someone

    1. You are so kind. I was really tired yesterday and when she told me about her idea for an art project I must confess, I was a little wide-eyed and hesitant. However. As you well know — one mustn’t stifle imagination and creativity. When the muse calls, we must listen.

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