Support Your Local Artist

This girl right here:


She is my friend Julie’s daughter and every time I’ve gone to Julie’s house in the past few years I’ve seen this beautiful child with pens, inks, paints, paper, glue.  She is always, always busy making — imagining — creating.


Yeah…she drew and inked that.  It is a Maggie original and it blew my mind when I saw it.  Julie said that her daughter worked on it in a very relaxed and happy manner, chatting away as she filled in her design.

She made a snow kitty for her mum after it snowed in Michigan over the holiday.  I got this photo in my email this morning and it made me smile.


I asked if I could post her work on my little blog and was given permission by the artist and her mother.

Just a little something to pick up the winter spirits in January…Maggie’s snow kitty.




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