Not Complaining…

…just sayin’


And it’s New Year’s Eve!

Time+Out+by+Virginai+Lee                                         (painting by Virginia Lee)

We will quietly celebrate at home…with a DVD.

Happy New Year.

10 thoughts on “Not Complaining…

  1. I remember New Years Eves from my youth. Often I’d find myself waking up in a strange house, in a strange bed. Not anymore, not me. I too will be quietly enjoying a movie and maybe, just maybe, a cocktail before going to bed an hour before midnight. The dogs expect me to be there.

  2. We must be nuts. Signed on to take Kate’s house downtown for New Year’s Eve festivities. Here in Raleigh we drop a humungous copper-topped acorn at the stroke of midnight. Yes, we are nuts:)
    Rockyann, I wish you a healthy happy new year. Redrokit, I wish you and your family lots of strength for the months ahead.

  3. Here, it’s 5am on January 1st. It was reasonably quiet around here – neighb ours over the back fence had some friends in and burned a candle under a smoke alarm at midnight.I heard a few fireworks pop, down on the beach I suppose. And that was it.
    I wish you you love, laughter and all good things.Cheers!

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