Christmas Eve


Today we celebrated Christmas with AP’s children.

They were once so small…just little boys who wore goofy pajamas and liked to hear bedtimes stories from their dad.
Today they are grown…so very tall. Instead of reading books together they prefer to play strategy board games with their dear old dad.
And because these board games can last for three hours or longer, I opted to take Pickles on a Christmas Eve Day walk up in the hills and fields of the local wildlife reserve.



As you can see, the sky was both bright and looming. What a strange light, but the day was mild and we met up with other dogs and dog walkers and each time there was a smile, a nod, and a “Merry Christmas” from the humans and a little sniffing and an invitation to play from the dogs.


So it’s a Merry Christmas from me to you, and a little sniff and a two paw playful salute from Pickles.

Peace.  Happy Christmas.

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