A Walk In The Woods

The sun came out yesterday and AP and I decided not to waste it.

We grabbed Pickles and drove to the woods for a walk.



I collected some pine cones and pine branches and made a small decoration for our house. (Not the giant ones that you see below!)


Today it was all dust mops, vacuum cleaners and micro fibre cleaning cloths. We pulled out the stops. Rather, we pulled all the furniture and rugs out and threw down a serious house cleaning. If you had been here you would have heard gasps and mutterings of “Ho-lee COW… how did it get like THIS?!” But it’s done now and I daresay, I think I’m ready for the upcoming week!

3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Woods

  1. Fur and palm pollen seems to be my nemesis…
    Peter came home from work the other day with a story about a man who sold his vacuum cleaner because :it was just gathering dust…”
    I find a glass of wine helpful.
    Happy Christmas, Kim.

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