How Do You Say NO To Sister Simone?

You don’t.  She is the director of the food bank in my town and she’s  just about the sweetest, most genuine person you could ever meet.  She is full of joy.  She is patient and kind and gentle.  She organises the volunteers and the food donations with such good humour and she keeps everyone and everything ticking along beautifully.  When she says, “oh… do you think you could possibly…”  One just says YES.  And it gets done.

Sister Simone contacted me last week and asked if I might have time to help at the food bank again.

IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7485

And I’m so glad. For the past two weeks I’ve worked with many very kind volunteers and somehow we organised and packed all the food boxes for the Christmas holiday. Done. In the bag. Or the box.

Sister Simone had a big smile on her face when I left today.

Late in the afternoon I drove down to the studio —

Pickles and I saw another ferry…lately we’ve been hearing the fog horns blow.

Pickles is giving me the stink eye tonight because I am working and writing and there is no room for her on my lap.

4 thoughts on “How Do You Say NO To Sister Simone?

  1. Doesn’t it feel great when you volunteer to help others? My volunteer work really isn’t for humans though. I help the dogs. They almost never give me a hard time, and I get instant gratification from them. You have to have special qualities to do that food bank kind of work. Mark did it for a few months and would come home every time with stories about ungrateful people who complained if he didn’t have what they wanted. Yes, the dogs. They never complain. Sister Simone and her helpers deserve a big virtual hug.

  2. That’s hilarious, that stink eye of hers. I think I would make her sulk, just to see that look. Reads like you’re doing marvelous things xx

  3. That collection of food looks impressive – cheers to Sister Simone and her volunteers … I’m with Di on Pickles’ stink eye, but I bet Pickles wouldn’t dare give such a look to Sister!

  4. Lovely, Kim. I want to get strong enough to do something like this. It’s a great gift and perfect for the bah-humbugs around us (and in me, I fear.) Well done. I’m afraid, for now, I am feeling more like Pickles and her perfect stink-eye expression, partly in reaction to the, ahem, Christmas Music, which I know you understand.

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