Notes from the Dog Cafe

IMG_7472 IMG_7478 IMG_7477

As luck would have it, I found a dog-friendly cafe while walking Pickles the other day. We were both so happy but perhaps I was more happy than she. I sat down and had a coffee while she pined for the golden retriever across the aisle. The cafe specialises in Icelandic art, food and drink and is right around the corner from an antique shop that specialises in French vintage goods and antiques. I spent quite a few minutes in that shop, chatting with the owner and making mental notes of what I will buy the next time I’m there.

I have been trying to teach myself a few new things in the studio which can be immensely frustrating and/or gratifying, depending on how things go. I’m allowing myself to just play with ideas and relax into the learning process.

I’m very gratefully packaging customer orders today and sending them out in the post tomorrow so that everyone will get them before Christmas. Thank you everyone who visited my store.

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